DigiLens Expanding the AR Ecosystem

Sam Taylor
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In the ever-evolving world of augmented reality (AR), one pioneering company stands at the forefront of innovation. DigiLens, with its relentless pursuit of advancing AR technologies, have been making waves by introducing groundbreaking hardware and software solutions. Forging exciting partnerships and playing a crucial role in shaping the future of the AR ecosystem. Let’s unpack all that is new! 

Revolutionary Releases

Surface Relief Gratings was the optical component that put DigiLens on the map. Firstly, this collaboration in partnerships produced lenses and projectors that reduce eye glow. Essentially wasted light. However, SRG achieves this at a lower cost whilst also increasing the aspect ratio for an improved field of view. A more efficient light engine translates to less energy consumption and a small form factor for the complete device. Dr. Bernard Kress, President of SPIE said: 

“I am excited about DigiLens’ recent SRG+ developments, which provide a new, low-cost replication technology satisfying such drastic nanostructure requirements. The AR waveguides field is the tip of the Iceberg”. 

Promising Partnerships

Consequently, businesses alike are eager to build partnerships to take advantage of this new development. Firstly, a Micro-LED manufacturer Mojo Vision can materialise in order to produce even larger displays. What will this partnership bring? 

Additionally, this promising partnership could potentially solve some of AR’s relentless challenges. The sunny problem. Most AR glasses to date are almost always tinted. This is because to see AR elements in light conditions, the display either needs to be super bright or artificially darkened. CEO at DigiLens, Chris Pickett said: 

“The total form factor of the AR glasses can finally be small and light enough for consumers to wear for long periods of time and bright enough to allow them to see the superimposed digital information – even on a sunny day- without needing to darken the lenses”. 

The Future of AR Ecosystem

With DigiLens’ relentless pursuit of excellence and its transformative contributions, the future of the AR ecosystem looks incredibly promising. Additionally, gaming and entertainment to education, healthcare and beyond, AR will fundamentally change the way interact with the world around us. You can expect to see immersive AR experiencesm seamless integration into everyday devices and personalised interactions. Will this revolutionise your communication and productivity? 

Source: DigiLens Expands Ecosystem With Hardware, Software Announcements

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