Integrating Apple Vision Pro Into Operating Rooms

Josh Hatton
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The fusion of cutting-edge technology with medical expertise represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of surgical practices. This article explores the groundbreaking collaboration between eXeX™, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and mixed reality, and Dr. Robert Masson, a renowned neurosurgeon. Their work integrating the Apple Vision Pro into operating rooms not only marks a significant advancement in surgical procedures but also highlights the transformative potential of mixed-reality devices in improving complex surgeries. 

Pioneering a New Frontier 

The journey towards integrating advanced technologies in surgery has been gradual but impactful. eXeX™, with its focus on AI and mixed reality, and Dr. Masson, with his extensive experience in neurosurgery and sports spine medicine, have set a new benchmark. Their collaboration underscores a shared vision of enhancing surgical precision and patient care through technological innovation. Check out the video below discussing the potential applications of the Apple Vision Pro in healthcare.

The Collaboration: A Partnership at the Forefront of Innovation 

On February 6, 2024, in Orlando, Florida, this partnership achieved a world-first by successfully utilizing the Apple Vision Pro in spine reconstruction surgeries. This milestone not only demonstrates the versatility of the Apple Vision Pro beyond its conventional applications but also the adaptability of the eXeX software platform in a medical context. 

Enhancing Surgical Efficiency with Mixed Reality 

The integration of the eXeX software with the Apple Vision Pro introduces a novel approach to surgical procedures. By providing holographic, touch-free procedural guides and setups, the surgical team can now access critical information in a sterile environment without physical contact. This innovation leads to improved efficiency, accuracy, and indirectly, patient outcomes. 

The eXeX Software: A Symphony of Precision and Efficiency 

At the heart of this technological marvel is the eXeX software, designed to enhance the surgical team’s management of operations. Through digital twin technology, it creates a virtual representation of the surgical setup, allowing for a smoother execution of procedures. Dr. Masson’s use of the platform in minimally invasive surgeries showcases the potential of AI and mixed reality to elevate surgical standards. 

A New Era of Surgery 

Dr. Masson heralds this development as the dawn of a new era in surgery, emphasizing the benefits of visual holographic guidance. The eXeX platform, while not a medical device, serves as a crucial organizational tool, ensuring a more tranquil and efficient workflow in the operating room. 

The Future of Surgical Workflow 

While eXeX does not currently plan to commercialize its product on the Apple Vision Pro, the success of these surgeries highlights the platform’s adaptability. It points to a future where technological and medical advancements continue to merge, promising safer, more efficient, and predictable surgical outcomes. 


The integration of the Apple Vision Pro into surgical operations by eXeX and Dr. Masson represents a significant leap toward enhancing surgical workflows. As the medical and technological realms converge further, such innovations are set to redefine the landscape of surgical practices, offering a glimpse into a future where surgeries are more precise, efficient, and patient-focused. For the latest news in mixed reality, visit here.

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