Meta Partners with Tyndall Institute: Boosting AR Display Technologies & Semiconductor Research

Conal Cram
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A Significant Collaboration: Meta and Tyndall Institute

In a move that signifies a profound leap in the field of augmented reality, Meta is investing €5 million in a partnership with the renowned European deep-tech research centre, Tyndall National Institute. This alliance aims to advance Meta’s augmented reality research, spotlighting the tech titan’s commitment to deepening its footprint in the world of AR.

Focus of the Research Program: Augmenting AR Displays

The four-year program will be dedicated to refining the displays used in augmented reality, which is projected to significantly enhance the user experience. The social media behemoth’s investment reflects its strategic shift toward this immersive technology, providing a clear indicator of the future trajectory of digital interaction.

The goal of this research engagement with Meta is to investigate heterogeneous systems and determine their impact on efficiency, further informing critical technology adoption in future products,” said Professor Paul Hurley, who will spearhead this research program.

Role of Professor Paul Hurley and His Team

Professor Hurley, appointed as Meta’s industrial chair in Semiconductor Technologies at Tyndall and the School of Chemistry at UCC, will guide a team of PhD students from Tyndall to work alongside Meta. This critical collaborative effort underscores the pivotal role academia plays in advancing private sector technology development.

Implications of the Partnership for AR and Semiconductor Research

Meta’s work with Tyndall will further develop our semiconductor research program and hopefully lead to new advances in display technologies and product innovations for the AR sector,” shared Prof William Scanlon, chief executive of Tyndall National Institute.

The partnership further enhances Ireland’s strategic position in the global semiconductor and AR research scene. Tánaiste Micheál Martin praised the collaboration, stating it as a “huge vote of confidence in the leading research taking place here in Cork.”


The alignment of Meta’s augmented reality research and Tyndall’s robust technological expertise paves the way for potentially game-changing innovations in AR display technology and semiconductors. As we delve deeper into the digital age, collaborations like this shed light on the exciting future of AR and the transformative role it can play in how we connect and interact with the world.

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