Five Guys Unlocks the Future of Restaurant Training with VR

Conal Cram
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When it comes to restaurant excellence, the secret often lies in thorough, consistent training. Five Guys is setting new benchmarks in this arena along with ARuVR, with its innovative VR techniques. Corey Smith, a key curricula designer, delves deeper into how Five Guys is making waves in the training world.

Benefits of Immersive Training:

The more immersive theory experience better equips them for when they start learning hands-on behind the cook line,” says Corey Smith, emphasizing the advantages of immersive learning experiences. If you’ve ever wondered how Five Guys manages to maintain high-quality service across their chain, VR techniques are a significant part of the answer.

The ‘Creme de la Crème’ Team:

“We want to get to those short, sharp learnings by getting to the point, allowing our crew members and managers to know exactly what they’re doing as quickly as possible,” Smith mentions.

The secret to Five Guys’ consistent quality lies in an exceptionally talented Learning & Development (L&D) team. They’ve mastered the art of creating training materials that are not just functional but also fun, interactive, and immersive.

ARuVR: Crafting the Ideal Training Environment:

Five Guys joined forces with ARuVR to elevate its training methodologies. This collaboration led to “a better immersive simulation to help our crew members be in a store,” according to Smith. In addition to introducing more hands-on, in-store modules, the partnership also aims to explore VR’s future potential for leadership development.

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners:

Diverse learning styles, accommodations, as well as cultural and language demographics” are considered when crafting Five Guys’ VR techniques, Smith notes. The training modules are designed in “bite-sized” intervals to make the learning experience inclusive and efficient.

What’s Next: Future of XR Training:

Regarding future technologies like Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro, Smith believes these advancements could facilitate “fully immersive stores in the future,” deepening the training experience.

Leading immersive learning experiences…

Five Guys is not just flipping burgers; they’re flipping the script on traditional restaurant training methods with their VR techniques. As technology continuously evolves, their approach serves as a lighthouse, guiding the industry towards more interactive, efficient, and inclusive training experiences. We’re excited to see what’s next and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment below on how you see VR shaping the future of workforce training.

For more information, visit Five Guys and ARuVR.

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