Virtualware and PICO: Leading the VR Revolution at the Augmented Enterprise Summit

Conal Cram
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Bilbao, Spain, October 24, 2023 – As the Augmented Enterprise Summit takes center stage in Houston, Texas, two giants in the virtual reality domain, Virtualware and PICO, join forces to offer a glimpse into the future of enterprise VR applications.

AES is the largest, longest-running, and most comprehensive event dedicated to the business and industrial applications of AR/VR/MR (XR) and metaverse-related emerging technologies,” said a representative from Virtualware.

VIROO®: Bringing Virtual Reality Closer to Businesses

The Augmented Enterprise Summit is eagerly anticipating the reveal of Virtualware’s hallmark VR product, VIROO®. This VR as a Service (VRaaS) platform stands out as an inclusive digital solution, merging Virtual Reality with institutions across the spectrum.

Elaborating on its capabilities, the representative shared:

One of the latest capabilities available on VIROO 2.4, provides full compatibility with PICO 4 Enterprise, the next-generation and all-in-one VR headset released in December 2022, helping enterprise customers to unlock potential and empower growth.

PICO 4 Enterprise: Redefining VR Experience

PICO 4 Enterprise is the epitome of advanced VR technology. Launched in December 2022, it encompasses features like detailed face, eye, and hand tracking, setting new standards for user comfort and performance.

Discussing the collaboration, the Virtualware spokesperson stated:

As a global partner of the multinational VR headset manufacturer PICO, Virtualware will showcase the seamless integration and powerful synergy between the cutting-edge VR platform, VIROO, and the enterprise-focused headset, PICO 4 at the AES.

In Conclusion

The Augmented Enterprise Summit is clearly not just another event; it’s the hub for groundbreaking AR/VR/MR innovations. With pioneers like Virtualware and PICO leading the way, the future of enterprise VR seems brighter than ever. As we wrap up our coverage of this event, we’re eager to hear your thoughts. Are you excited about the future of VR in enterprise? Share your insights and opinions in the comments below!

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