Insights from the Q3-2023 Wallarm API ThreatStats™ report once again underscore the urgent need to protect against a wide range of API dangers. Register for our Q3 API ThreatStats™ webinar to learn about the latest impactful vulnerabilities, exploits and attacks.

This latest API ThreatStats™ report offers a revamped “Top 10 API Security Threats” compilation, and an in-depth look five key recommendations:

  • Rising Above Limitations in Existing Frameworks and Benchmarks‍
  • Prioritizing AuthZ, AuthN, and Access Control Principles‍
  • Incorporating API Leak Protection Measures‍
  • Respecting Impact of Traditional Vulnerabilities‍
  • Preparing for Risk of Reduced SLAs‍

Join Ivan Novikov, CEO and co-founder, and Tim Erlin, Head of Product, as they explore these questions and more. Bring your questions and we’ll work through the implications of these recommendations to both your organizational risk and cyberdefenses.

Thursday, November 8, 2023

11:00 PT / 14:00 ET


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