Newcastle’s Luminous XR to Expand Workforce Amid Major Contract Win and Office Relocation

Virtual reality training firm Luminous XR is set to expand its workforce following a significant contract win and a move to new premises.

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What if the future of training isn’t in classrooms or traditional e-learning, but in immersive virtual environments where the boundaries of reality are pushed to their limits? Luminous XR, a pioneering virtual reality firm based in Newcastle, is betting on this very vision. With a significant contract win from a Middle Eastern oil company, the firm is set to expand its workforce and relocate to new premises in Upper Steenbergs. This isn’t just an expansion—it’s a bold step into a future where learning is redefined.

New Beginnings in Upper Steenbergs

Luminous XR has called the Ouseburn Toffee Factory home for the past 11 years. Now, with a team of 28 and growing, the firm is preparing to relocate to Upper Steenbergs. This new space will not only accommodate the expanding team but also foster the innovative spirit that defines Luminous XR. The addition of 10 new roles primarily within the development team underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing its capabilities and meeting increasing demand.

Fueling Growth with Investment

The expansion is bolstered by a substantial £1 million investment from Mercia Ventures through the North East Venture Fund. Mercia’s involvement with Luminous XR dates back to 2017, playing a crucial role in the company’s platform development and recent successes. This latest financial boost is a testament to Luminous XR’s potential and the trust it has earned from its investors.

CEO Ben Bennett’s Statement

“This is a very exciting time for everyone at Luminous XR,” says CEO Ben Bennett.

“We’re growing our talented team, adding 10 new jobs as we expand our customer portfolio worldwide. Our passion for learning and growth drives our innovative approach to XR training, and we’re committed to developing robust solutions that ensure quality and reliability.”

Company Background and Services

Founded in 2004, Luminous XR initially provided 3D mapping services to the construction sector. In 2016, the firm pivoted to focus on augmented and virtual reality systems. Today, with offices in the Middle East and the US, and clients like PepsiCo and Axa, Luminous XR offers “metaverse-style” virtual training programmes for the manufacturing, energy, and industrial sectors.

Innovative Products and Future Plans

This summer, Luminous XR will launch FLOW, a no-code extended reality content creation system. FLOW is designed to enable creators and developers to produce virtual reality training content efficiently without the need for coding, significantly reducing development time. This innovative tool represents a major advancement in XR content creation.

CEO’s Vision for the Future

“Our expansion comes at the perfect time as we prepare to launch FLOW,” Bennett adds.

“Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team, we’ve developed a high-quality product with seamless application, and we’re excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible in XR training.”


Where Do You See the Future of Training?

Luminous XR’s expansion and innovative approach to virtual reality training are set to impact the industry significantly. With new job opportunities, the launch of groundbreaking products like FLOW, and a strategic office move, the future looks promising for this Newcastle-based firm.

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