Crafting Unique Avatars for the Metaverse

Sam Taylor
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Imagine a world where you can sculpt your digital alter ego, a unique avatar that reflects your imagination and stretches the realms of identity. As someone who personally changes their appearance frequently, whether that be new hair colour or style, a fresh tattoo or piercing. The concept of creating an avatar of myself that doesn’t have specific guidelines of what it should look like has become fascinating. Playing around with different software like ready player me, I was able to create multiple versions of my avatar that embody the different personalities I possess but should I be ethically concerned about this.

The Power of Self-Expression 

In the metaverse, avatars are more than mere representations; they are extensions of our creativity and self-expression. The latest technology allows us to break free from the shackles of our physical form and envision a version of ourselves that may not truly exist, how liberating do you find this? It opens up exciting possibilities for the exploration of our identity and bending it to new extremes, forging new connections in the digital realm whilst doing so. 

Identity as an Artistic Canvas

The ability to create avatars that deviate from our physical appearance presents a canvas for artistic expression. It enables us to question and redefine ourselves. Some of us may choose to experiment with gender, age or cultural attributes. Embracing diversity and challenging societal norms.  Those who choose to do this may be viewing it as a form of artistic liberation as it empowers them to project their true selves and embrace their aspirations. However, the bending of challenging societal norms such as racism and gender discrimination in a digital realm may strike concern in those who experience such discrimination in reality. 

Will white individuals who create a black avatar face racism in the metaverse? Or does the colour of someone’s skin only prompt disparities in actual reality? 

As we witness the rise of avatars that shatter the confines of reality, can we really celebrate the diversity and richness they bring to the metaverse? Yes, by encouraging individuals to create versions of themselves that exist beyond their physical form, we cultivate an environment that fosters acceptance and understanding. But it must be noted that despite the celebration of diversity in the metaverse, users who wish to bend their identity must continue advocacy of acceptance in reality.


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