Stepping into the Metaverse: The Voice Pioneers in Blended Entertainment

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In a groundbreaking move, The Voice is stepping into the metaverse, demonstrating how blended entertainment might define the future. The partnership between ITV Studios and Virtual Brand Group (VBG) has resulted in a unique virtual version of the popular reality TV show, signifying the advent of 365-day metaverse entertainment.

Introduction to The Voice &  Metaverse Experiment

ITV Studios has joined forces with VBG to translate The Voice’s brand into the metaverse, creating a captivating year-round platform for fans. According to Justin Hochberg, CEO of VBG, this step is “[redefining] how entertainment can be consumed 365-days a year”. The Voice Studios, built on the metaverse platform Decentraland, has not just replicated the TV format, but it’s reimagining it in the expansive digital space.

Engagement in the Metaverse: Beyond Social Media

The metaverse offers significant engagement advantages over traditional social media platforms. A compelling example was the four-day virtual pop-up event for The Voice at the Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival. As per Hochberg’s statements, visitors spent an average of 49 minutes per session, generating 13 times more engagement than social media platforms. In contrast, the average click-through rate for an ad on social media is less than one per cent. The numbers are a testament to the potent engagement possibilities within the metaverse.

ITV Studios and VBG: Building a Global Hub

The metaverse version of The Voice isn’t just about replicating the TV show in a virtual environment. It’s also about creating a global hub with local relevance. Lucie Stoffers, ITV Studios’ head of brand licensing, global partnerships, explained their vision of creating a “global hub for The Voice to give local fans places to see their local coaches.” This vision expands beyond Decentraland, with upcoming activations on platforms such as Roblox and Sandbox.

The Voice Steps into the Metaverse: An Ongoing Experience

Unlike temporary pop-up events, The Voice Studios is designed to exist indefinitely, offering fans an ongoing immersive experience. The platform features games, expanded merchandise options, and possibilities for fans to earn limited edition merchandise, similar to what the coaches give out on the TV show.

The Voice Metaverse: Physical + Virtual Engagement

Hochberg is convinced that fans will gravitate towards metaverse experiences due to the immersive social interaction it offers. This provides an enhanced version of real-life experiences, opening up a realm of possibilities for interactive televised and virtual events. The Voice Studios experiment is a testament to the metaverse’s potential to redefine the way entertainment is consumed globally.

The Metaverse and Its Impact on the Future of Entertainment

With over 600 million people already using virtual worlds, the potential impact of the metaverse on entertainment is immense. Hochberg compares this early stage of the metaverse to the dawn of the internet, arguing that the metaverse’s adoption rate will skyrocket due to widespread smartphone access and a cultural shift towards digital spaces.

As we step into this new era of blended entertainment, The Voice’s journey into the metaverse offers a fascinating glimpse into the future. By transcending the limitations of traditional entertainment, The Voice is redefining the possibilities of engagement and interaction in the metaverse. As ITV Studios and VBG continue to innovate, the boundary between reality and the virtual world blurs, opening up exciting new avenues for audiences to explore.

What are your thoughts on the future of metaverse entertainment? Can other popular shows follow The Voice’s lead? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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