Holography and Volumetric Video: Changing the Face of Entertainment

Conal Cram
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Holography and volumetric video have been gaining momentum as groundbreaking technologies that are transforming the entertainment industry. These innovations allow for the creation of life-like 3D images and videos, providing a level of immersion and interactivity that traditional 2D media simply cannot achieve. In this article, we will explore how holography and volumetric video are revolutionizing various forms of entertainment, including concerts, sports events, gaming, and storytelling.

Holographic Concerts

Taking a page from the futuristic world of “Blade Runner,” holography is being used to bring deceased or otherwise unavailable performers back to life on stage. By using holographic projections, artists can entertain audiences with stunningly realistic performances, even when they are not physically present. This technology has been used to create memorable concerts featuring legendary artists like Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, and Roy Orbison.

Volumetric Video in Sports Broadcasting

Volumetric video is transforming sports broadcasting by allowing viewers to experience games from different angles and perspectives. By capturing the 3D data of a sports event, broadcasters can generate realistic, immersive content that puts viewers right in the middle of the action. This technology enables fans to watch games from any angle, including the perspective of their favorite athletes, providing an unparalleled viewing experience.

Immersive Gaming Experiences

Holography and volumetric video are also being utilized to create immersive gaming experiences. These technologies enable the development of games with highly realistic graphics and environments, offering players a deeper level of immersion and interactivity. As virtual reality and augmented reality technologies continue to advance, holography and volumetric video will play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of gaming.

Revolutionizing Storytelling

The combination of holography and volumetric video has the potential to revolutionize storytelling by creating more engaging and immersive narratives. Filmmakers can use these technologies to craft stories that envelop audiences in lifelike, three-dimensional worlds, making the viewing experience more interactive and compelling. This new form of storytelling can create an emotional connection with audiences, deepening their investment in the narrative.


As holography and volumetric video continue to develop, their impact on the entertainment industry will only grow. These innovative technologies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, creating immersive and interactive experiences that redefine the way we consume entertainment. As we look to the future, it is clear that holography and volumetric video will play an increasingly significant role in shaping the entertainment landscape.

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