Holography and Volumetric Video Taking Centre Stage

Sam Taylor
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Holography and volumetric video have taken centre stage in the realm of entertainment. This technology and its advancements have captured the imagination of both creators and audiences in new innovative ways. Delving into the mesmerizing world of holography and volumetric video, we explore their development and the profound impact it has had on live performances, music videos and the future of entertainment. 

The Evolution of Holography 

Holography, once the thing paired with science fiction, has now transcended into the forefront of imagination to become a captivating reality. Gone are the days of two-dimensional stages as holography has infused the entertainment industry with a three-dimensional spectacle that astounds audiences worldwide. 

Grabbing the attention of the renounced Rolling Stone, holography integration into the music industry has meant that audiences experience legendary performances from artists that are no longer alive. At the 2012 Coachella Festival, a jaw-dropping display of a realistic hologram of the late rapper, Tupac, was displayed on stage alongside Snoop Dog. This surreal experience marked a historic turning point in the music industry, demonstrating the potential for holography to not only resurrect beloved artists but also to create unforgettable performances. 

The Rise of Volumetric Video

In tandem with holography, volumetric video has emerged as an equal force to be reckoned with. This technology allows for the capture and playback of three-dimensional video content, immersing viewers in a whole new dimension of visual storytelling. For example, the marriage of volumetric video and music videos has unlocked unprecedented creative opportunities. 

Artists now have the ability to create mesmerizing displays of interactive visuals to accompany their songs. Viewers can explore artists’ performances from any angle and where they can become active participants in the artistic narrative. 

Shaping the Future of Entertainment

Holography and volumetric video are poised to revolutionise the entertainment landscape in years to come. As technology advances and becomes more accessible, the possibility of an immersive experience multiplies exponentially. 

Beyond live performances, holography and volumetric video hold immense potential for music videos, films and interactive experiences as a whole. Artists can collaborate with visionary directors and technologists to transport viewers into extraordinary realms, where music and visuals intertwine to create unforgettable sensory journeys. 

The fusion of holography, volumetric video and emerging technologies like virtual and augmented reality could unlock entirely new dimensions and audience engagement.


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