OptiTrack Teams Up with Hyperbowl to Propel Projects

Sam Taylor
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OpiTrack, a leading provider of motion capture and tracking systems, has joined forces with Hyperbowl to support and advance projects at the forefront of immersive experiences. This collaboration between the two holds great potential as it combines OpiTrack’s cutting-edge technology with Hyperbowl’s creative expertise. Fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of immersive entertainment

OptiTrack has long been recognised as a key player in the motion capture industry, offering state-of-the-art systems that provide precise and accurate tracking for a wide range of applications. Their technology, which utilizes multiple cameras to capture the movement of markers on objects and individuals, enables realistic and immersive experiences.

Hyperbowl, on the other hand, is a dynamic innovation hub that brings together a diverse range of creative minds, technologists and entrepreneurs. Their mission is to push the boundaries of immersive experiences and create groundbreaking projects that captivate audiences and redefine entertainment.

By joining forces, OptiTrack and Hyperbowl aim to create a collaborative ecosystem that fosters innovation and propels projects forward. The specific OptiTrack system at Hyperbowl not only includes 30 PrimeX 41 cameras but also a mix of SlimX13 cameras in order to create a high precision that optimises 3D accuracy. Furthermore, it also includes OptiTrack’s CinePunk tracking tool which can seamlessly integrate any production workflow.

“With OptiTrack, the calibration doesn’t take away any stage time”. – Dennis Boleslawski, Chief Technology Officer, Hyberbowl.

Undoubtedly, the projects at Hyperbowl supported by OptiTrack will have a profound impact on the entertainment industry, providing audiences with immersive experiences. As the collaboration continues to unfold, the world eagerly awaits the unveiling of such projects that will push the boundaries of immersive entertainment.

Source: Hyperbowl Success Story 

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