STELLAR Knee System Transforms Knee Surgery

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PolarisAR has marked a significant milestone in the realm of surgical advancements with the introduction of its STELLAR Knee system, a mixed-reality surgical guidance technology designed specifically for total knee arthroplasty (TKA). This pioneering development promises to redefine the surgical landscape by offering robot-like precision and real-time guidance, according to PolarisAR’s CEO, Paul Mikus. The technology was recently put into practice at the New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, showcasing its potential to revolutionize knee surgery.

The Dawn of Mixed-Reality Surgical Guidance

STELLAR Knee stands out as a transformative solution in the operating room (OR), merging the physical and digital worlds to aid surgeons during TKA procedures. This mixed-reality platform displays crucial measured and computed data within a 3D environment, acting as a spatial computer. It facilitates a continuous exchange of data between the surgeon and the software, enhancing surgical decision-making and streamlining OR workflows.

“Mixed-reality technology represents a paradigm shift in the OR, aiming to offer surgeons robot-like precision and real-time guidance throughout TKA procedures,” stated Paul Mikus, emphasizing the system’s ability to integrate seamlessly into existing surgical workflows.

FDA Approval and Clinical Implementation

In a landmark achievement, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) granted clearance to the STELLAR Knee system in November 2023 for its use in TKA procedures. This approval underscores the system’s adherence to rigorous safety and efficacy standards, setting the stage for its widespread adoption in the medical community.

Bridging the Gap in Surgical Precision

The STELLAR Knee system addresses several challenges associated with traditional TKA techniques, such as achieving precise lower limb alignment and balance. Traditional methods, constrained by closed implant systems and preoperative imaging, often limit surgeons’ flexibility and the ability to customize procedures to meet individual patient needs. Moreover, the large intraoperative footprint of conventional robotic technologies has hindered their broad acceptance.

By offering a solution that is implant-agnostic and imageless, STELLAR Knee removes these barriers, making advanced surgical guidance more accessible to surgeons and patients alike. Its introduction is poised to democratize the use of enabling technologies in knee surgery, ensuring that patients everywhere can benefit from the highest standard of care.

A New Era of Knee Surgery

With FDA clearance in hand, PolarisAR is set to continue the commercial launch of STELLAR Knee at leading medical institutions across the United States. This roll-out represents not just the proliferation of new technology but the dawn of a new era in knee surgery—one where precision, flexibility, and accessibility are paramount.

The STELLAR Knee system from PolarisAR is more than just an advancement in medical technology; it’s a leap toward a future where every knee surgery is guided by the highest standards of precision and care. As this technology makes its way into more ORs, the benefits it brings to surgeons and patients alike will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on the field of orthopedics.

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